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Get off to a good start with Jyske Netbank Erhverv

When you have signed up for Jyske Netbank and you have signed the agreement, you will receive a user ID, a temporary password and a NemID code card by post. Then you can quickly get started with Jyske Netbank:

Billede af et skilt med en skærm på

Logging on for the first time

1. Go to jne.dk and enter your Nem-ID number and the one-time password

2. Create your own password to use in the future

3. If wanted, create a unique user-id to use in the future instead of the Nem-ID number. However you can always use the Nem-ID number so keep it safe for emergency cases. As a unique user-id you are not allowed to use your Civil Registration no. (CPR) or the company's CVR/SE number.

4. Enter the requested code stated on your NemID code card

For subsequent log-ins

1. Go to jne.dk and enter either your Nem-ID number or your unique user-id and the password you selected when logging in the first time. User-id is NOT your Civil Registration No. (CPR).

Problems logging in?

The Nem-ID login box is gone: I cannot enter my Civil Registration No. (CPR) and password
Java is not installed on your computer or is not updated to the latest version.

Contact your networks administrator to upgrade Java to the latest version. Are you administrating your PC yourself, you will find a guide to upgrade Java here.

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Get help for technical problems

Why does the NemID login box appear again, when I am logged in to the Netbank?

When logging in to the Netbank, the login box appears once again instead of the accounts overview.
Your browser is not set to accept cookies.

Accept cookies in Internet Explorer [PDF]
Accept cookies in Safari [PDF]

The NemID login box is fully or partly gone. I cannot enter my Civil Reg. No. (CPR) and password

On Windows PC
Java is not installed on your computer or is not updated to the latest version.

Uninstall Java:
Uninstall old version/versions of Java. It may take a while to uninstall the programme.

Close your browser and restart your computer.

Install Java:
You are now ready to download and install the new version of Java. Find the guide that suits you best - depending on the browser you use.

On Mac
Run software upgrades via the Apple menu [PDF]

My Mac displays "Blocked plug-in" or "Inactive plug-in"

Instead of the log-in box a box with the text "Blocked plug-in" or "Inactive plug-in" appears. There is something wrong with the Java-installation on your Mac.

Will my browser work?

List of operating systems and browsers that we have tested [PDF]