From NemID to MitID

During 2021 and 2022, all NemID users will be migrated to MitID: Denmark’s new digital identity. The Danish Agency of Digitisation and Finance Denmark have developed MitID. You can use MitID for all the things you usually use NemID for.

You will be notified when it’s your turn

You will be notified via your online and mobile banking services or via Digital Post when it’s your turn to switch to MitID. It may be some time before you will be notified, but you don’t need to do anything until you are informed that it’s your turn. Some people will have to update their ID information in NemID before they can switch to MitID. You will be notified if you are one of them.

Note: The transition to MitID may attract cybercriminals so you should only rely on notifications you receive via your online and mobile banking services or via e-Boks.

Save your NemID

Although you switch to MitID, you should keep your NemID until further notice. During a transitional period, you may have to use NemID for some services and transactions until NemID has been completely phased out. You will be notified when you do not have to use NemID any more.

How to get help


If you need help to switch to or use MitID, please see the overview of questions and answers about MitID (in Danish only) at the website of the Danish Agency of Digitisation.

You may also contact our Hotline on tel. +45 89 89 28 00 or by e-mail to if you have been notified about MitID via your online and mobile banking services and you need help to switch to or use MitID.

How to get help with the NemID app
If you need help to update your ID information in NemID before you switch to MitID, please contact

MitID in brief

  • MitID enhances security
    With MitID, the security is enhanced and the code card will be phased out, which makes it more difficult to exploit other people’s digital identity. When using MitID, you can see what you are approving and make sure that you only approve transactions you have initiated yourself.
  • MitID is easy to use
    Once you have switched to MitID, it’s easy to use. With a single swipe, you can approve transactions or log in to services using MitID.
  • MitID is mainly an app
    Most people will get MitID as an app because this is a practical solution. However, there will be alternatives (MitID code viewer, code reader and chip) for people who cannot or do not want to use an app.

Take good care of your personal MitID

  1. Never disclose your codes to any other person.
  2. Never hand over your MitID to any other person.
  3. Never share your user ID with any other person – except for the support service if you contact it yourself.
  4. Never approve any transaction using MitID based on, e.g., a telephone call, an e-mail or a visit from someone who claims to be from your bank, the support service or something else. You will never be contacted in that way.
  5. You should always check the transaction you are about to approve using MitID. If the text does not match the transaction you want to approve or if you have not initiated the transaction yourself, you should not approve it.