Information about research reports, recommendations, conflicts of interest, and risks

Jyske Bank A/S is subject to supervision by the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority.

The research reports are based on information which Jyske Bank finds reliable, but Jyske Bank does not assume any responsibility for the correctness of the material nor for transactions made on the basis of the research reports. The recommendations may be changed without notice.

Investing involves risk

You run a risk when you invest in financial instruments. Movements in the market, sectors and news flows, etc. may affect the price. If you invest in another currency other than your base currency, you accept a currency risk.

Contact your adviser
Information and recommendations on these pages are general information and not personal advice. Before you invest in financial instruments, you should contact your adviser.

Additional information

You will find detailed information in the individual research reports (PDF).

Update of research report

Research reports are updated in relation to price-affecting news, e.g. corporate announcements. All prices in the research reports (PDF) are the latest closing prices before the release of the report, unless otherwise stated.

Prices at website

The prices at the website are the latest prices traded - unless otherwise stated. Prices are indicative and are not tradeable.

Return and price development

The research report may contain both past performance, price development and future performance.

Please note that past performance or price development is not a reliable indicator of future performance.

Forecasts are not reliable indicators of future performance.

Returns are stated as returns before costs, as costs are individual depending on different conditions for client, custodian, trade volume, market, and currency, as well as product-specific conditions.


The tax treatment varies for each client. Please contact your tax adviser for information on any tax implications of your investments.

Conflicts of interest

Jyske Bank has prepared procedures to prevent conflicts of interest thus ensuring that research reports are being prepared in an objective manner. These procedures have been incorporated in the business procedures covering the research activities of Jyske Markets, a business unit of Jyske Bank.

Analysts at Jyske Bank cannot own securities or trade in companies and papers for which they prepare analyses. However, Jyske Bank may hold positions, have interests in or business relations with the companies that are analysed. Research reports may have been presented to the company prior to its release. The analysts receive no payment from persons interested in individual research reports.