MitID replaces NemID - also in Jyske Netbank Erhverv

Over the period up to July 2022 we all have to replace NemID with MitID for private purposes. The replacement will also apply to the digital log-on to the companies’ online banking services, and therefore all users must change to MitID. See below for an overview of MitID for Jyske Netbank Erhverv.

Wait until you are notified - or change now

All users of Jyske Netbank Erhverv will receive a message in the Netbank when it is their turn to change their log-on identification from NemID to MitID. This will take place on an ongoing basis as of 1 February to the end of June 2022.

Please note that not all users of a company’s online banking services will be notified at the same time. However, if a company would prefer that all users of Jyske Netbank Erhverv change to MitID at the same time, this will be possible. In that case, each user must click the menu item ’Security’ in the Netbank and choose ’Change to MitID’.

In order to get a MitID logon to Jyske Netbank Erhverv, a user must first have a personal MitID. Click here to learn more about your personal MitID.


Choose your personal MitID or create a new

The company can choose between the options that all users have access to Jyske Netbank Erhverv using their personal MitID or that users must create a new MitID for working purposes.

The advantage of using the personal MitID is that employees can use the means of ID and passwords they are used to. No additional costs will be involved. A company cannot, however, force its employees to use their personal MitID if they wish to separate their private and business transactions.

Both solutions can be used at the same time in the company's online banking services - for instance, it will be possible that most employees use their personal MitID while at the same time some choose to create a new MitID for use in the company.

What is the price of a new MitID?

If you choose to use the MitID app, it will be free of charge to create a new MitID for Jyske Netbank Erhverv. It is possible to select a code viewer, chip or code reader in connection with the change to MitID in Jyske Netbank Erhverv - and our prices are in line with the prices of the Danish Agency for Digitisation in connection with business products. Current prices:

Price as of 1 January 2022 excluding VAT

Do you have any questions or need assistance?

See below for answers to many typical questions about the transition to MitID.

Q&A (in Danish)

Also, please feel free to contact Hotline by phone at 70 12 00 00 or by email to, if you have been notified about MitID via your online and mobile banking services and you need help to switch to or use MitID.