Ordering a LEI

A LEI can be ordered from one or more issuers. The issuer will charge an initial registration fee and an annual maintenance fee. Further information about the fees of the individual LEI issuers appears from their websites.

If you want a Danish website and Danish support, you can use NordLEI (www.nordlei.org), FinReg (www.leinummer.dk), Leikode (www.leikode.dk) or Dansk LEI (www.dansklei.dk). The usual execution time is typically 3-5 business days. 

There are several other issuers of LEIs, for instance:

The full list of issuers appears from www.gleif.org.

Information that is to be given when ordering a LEI is typically the same as is available in the Danish Register of Companies.

When ordering a LEI, some issuers demand that the company states a VAT No. In these instances, the company's business registration number (CVR) must be stated. In some instances, the business registration number (CVR) must be stated as DK followed by the 8-digit business registration number (CVR), i.e.: "DK 12345678".

Registration with Jyske Bank 

Registration of LEI with Jyske Bank takes place by sending an email to lei@jyskebank.dk stating information about company name, address and LEI.